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Everyone has a different reason why they chose, or aspire to become an entrepreneur. Some prefer to live life by their own terms, without being told what, when and how to do things. Others want the freedom to work at their own pace, without the ever-increasing stress of the workplace, constantly under pressure to reach seemingly unreachable goals and targets. And then there are those who would like a better quality of life, or simply need a new challenge.

Whatever your reasons for being here, rest assured that everyone follows the same path and experiences the same fears, doubts and challenges.


What’s real?


Learning and growth go hand in hand, know who to trust to teach you what you really need to know



These days there are so many options to help you begin. Online courses, people, or companies promising overnight profits if you just sign up and start working, get rich quick schemes, legitimate companies that can help you start your journey but gives you the tools without the guidance, and the list goes on and on.

Yet no one will ever tell you how challenging it is from every perspective. I’ll be lying to you if I told you this was easy. It takes tenacity, bravery, and a strong, burning desire to succeed, just as it would with any business, online or traditional.



The rewards


The reward is knowledge, which gives you the power to progress in your journey to success


The learning curve is as steep as it is rewarding. Everyone can do it! It just requires a little confidence, a lot of support, motivation, and inspiration, some of your time, and, as in any business, a few of your pennies. But fear not, the cost of starting an online business is minuscule, yet the rewards are astounding. Think about it……..total geographic freedom, loads more free time, a better quality of life, just to mention a few. And best of all, you can take it at your own pace, with none of the usual pressures of the more traditional workplace.

The most important factor to remember, is that people do things at different paces. Comparing yourself to someone else is the quickest way to become despondent and demotivated. Rather than compare yourself to others, take their advice. Speak to those who know, who’ve been there, they’ve found the formula that works. And who knows, you might be one of them.



So who is Hayley Carelse?


I was born in Cape Town South Africa on 06 March 1981. At the age of 23 I was fortunate enough to get a job with a large prestigious airline abroad. I had never been abroad before, and I was nervous and terrified, especially since I knew nothing about the country I was going to live in for at least 3 years. Believe it or not, this was the time before smart phones, and google was not yet the ‘go-to’ guide for life. So I basically had to wing it and hope for the best.

I had never been away from my family, in fact I had never even left Cape Town before. Coming from the country side in Cape Town, I was used to small town quaintness, a sheltered existence and a tight, solid community. Yet I always thought there must be more to life than what I was experiencing. Wake up every morning, same time…….go to work, same job, same duties, same office environment……. finish work, same time…….commute home, same tedious drive home……dinner…….. off to bed, and repeat.

I was not entirely unhappy, but I was edgy and fidgety and knew that I have to take this leap of faith if I’m ever really going to experience what life has to offer. So I did, without even a second thought.



When it all changed


Change can be scary, but there is always a lesson to be learned


I arrived, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, completely overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and smells of this brand new universe I had just entered. With tremendous excitement, I couldn’t wait to conquer the world. And what a journey it has been. The lessons I’ve learned, the things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, and all my experiences combined were priceless.

At 23 I was brave and relentless in my pursuits of anything and everything, and I embraced every experience, good and bad. The results of my experiences had two effects on me.

  1. My eyes were opened to the wonders of the world, the fascinating people inhabiting it and the endless opportunities and experiences which are available to me.
  2. My eyes were also opened to manipulation, bad judgments, catastrophic failures and the consequences of trusting the wrong people.

Needless to say that my bravery quickly turned to skepticism. And I realized that in this fast paced, ever-changing world, a fair bit of skepticism is good, and yet cynicism is what keeps me from accomplishing my goals and continuously taking little leaps of faith. It is easy to become a cynic if you are not aware of the fine line between skepticism and cynicism. Learning where to draw this line is probably the most valuable lesson I’ve learned throughout my journey.

Skepticism is what taught me to be more informed before making decisions, after all we’ve all heard the saying ‘knowledge is power’. Yet no one can accomplish anything of value on their own, therefore a certain amount of trust must exist which cannot be achieved through cynicism.



Unprepared for the unexpected


Exhaustion and demotivation should be the drive to make some necessary changes


Fast forward 15 years, I found myself in a place I never could have imagined and was ill-prepared for. After a decade and a half of non-stop traveling in and out of time zones and too many sleepless nights, I found myself suffering from chronic fatigue to the point where I was unable to function or be productive. I was so paralyzed by exhaustion that I had no social life since I had no time or energy to socialize with my friends, I would go months without communicating with my family, simply because I had no energy to do so, and my health was suffering tremendously. I had lost my passion and no longer had the desire to continue with the job I once loved so much.

To make matters worse, the company I had loved and known so well, was changing drastically. So drastic infact, that it felt as though I was working for a completely different company. But it gets worse! We were all being made to work longer shifts, sometimes up to 20 hours at a time, with less resources. And guess what……my salary remained the same!



The search


Search and you will find, do not give up, you will find the answers


So, there I was, with declining health, no quality of life whatsoever, and too little savings to get myself out of it. I was in a state of exhaustion, confusion, frustration, and regret, and I had no idea how to change my circumstances. I searched and searched for months to try and find jobs on the side so that I could supplement my salary, save some more, and hopefully have the chance to go home. Months of searching was fruitless, and I became even more exhausted, confused, and frustrated.

There was so much information out there, yet I had no idea where to begin, who to trust and how to work 2 jobs at the same time, especially when I barely have enough hours in the day for the one I already had. But my relentless nature of that girl of 23 was still present, and after giving up several times and pushing myself to try again, I finally found the foolproof answer I was so desperately searching for. It took me 15 years, but once again, I took that leap of faith and took action.



The transformation


Recognizing that change is necessary is the first step to self-development


And that is how I found myself here today, a blogger and entrepreneur.

So I ask you……do you feel the need for a big change? Are you in a state of perpetual exhaustion, frustration, confusion, and fear, just like I was? What will it take for you to take action, gain control?

If you’re tired of trying and failing, being tied down to the same job, situation, country, financial limitations, and just not getting the freedom that you so badly desire……..let’s dig a little deeper and start exploring.

Watch the video below to find out how I did it.



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