Reinvent yourself with a plan B
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How to reinvent yourself during turbulent times

    There’s no doubt that 2020 has presented challenges that have forced businesses and individuals alike to reinvent themselves. Jobs have been lost, businesses have failed, and yet opportunities still exist. But where do you find them? It’s easy to become despondent when you’re surrounded by doom and gloom. You see no prospects, you […]

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Make money online
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The best online business to start with very little money and experience.

  If you are here because you’re exhausted working for others and you crave financial self-reliance, the idea of living anywhere (literally anywhere) and still earning a reliable and consistent income excites you, then this could be exactly what you are looking for! It’s become more evident these days that most of us are walking […]

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should you quit your job to start something new
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Should you quit your job before starting your own business

Why do people think it’s so easy to leave your job when you want to pursue something new? As if you don’t have bills to pay and mouths to feed!
The bad news is that it is not the best idea to leave your job before you’ve already established yourself somewhere else. The good news is that doesn’t mean you cannot or should not pursue something new.

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