Businesses leaning towards using freelancers: How can you benefit from this?

“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.” Arnold J. Toynbee

Small businesses are starting to realize that they can capitalize on the use of freelancers. From writers, to contractors, to makeup artists, freelancers usually run small businesses themselves, and therefore will hold the same business values, ethics and standards of quality as the business they’re freelancing for.

Paying a freelancer per job done is much cheaper than paying an employee a salary and benefits every month, and the quality of work is greatly increased when freelancers are chosen specifically according to their niche’. Even as a freelancer yourself, you can outsource certain jobs to other freelancers while you tackle a certain task.

Companies are becoming more and more interested in hiring freelancers, as opposed to full time employees, as it is more beneficial in terms of specialized talent, increased flexibility, and less overheads.

So how can you benefit from this growing business trend?

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The Key to Success, Perseverance

“Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed.”

 Robert Kiyosaki

I understand. I understand how it feels to be beat down time and time again, forcing yourself to get back up. I understand the exhaustion and demotivation, the fear of repeating the same errors, the confusion, the frustration and the endless irony and injustice that the world seems to keep spewing at you.

I understand because I’ve been there, and occasionally I still find myself there. Yet I still find the strength to get up and keep going, a skill I never thought I’d be able to hone. I’ve discovered what gives me the strength to just keep looking ahead and not even glancing backwards for a second. The secret is that I’ve stopped waiting to feel motivated. Motivation will never just show up, no matter how much you’ve been searching. It’s being productive that keeps me going, because either way, win or lose, I will see results, and I would’ve learned something that will make me prosper.