There’s no doubt that 2020 has presented challenges that have forced businesses and individuals alike to reinvent themselves. Jobs have been lost, businesses have failed, and yet opportunities still exist. But where do you find them?

It’s easy to become despondent when you’re surrounded by doom and gloom. You see no prospects, you have no/little money and no clue how to move forward.

In turbulent times it is never more necessary to have the support of those who have the mindset of victor instead of victim. A community of mentors who create opportunities when they seem not to exist. Who understands the mental and emotional challenges of turbulent times, whether it’s personal or business. Because they’ve been there, and they’ve overcome them.

Transitioning from a state of panic and despondence takes discipline and trust. Trust those who know how to create their own opportunities in a fast-moving digital world, full of uncertainty and fear.

Help is available. But the only person who can make the decision to reinvent yourself is you.


“”You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller



5 Tips on how to reinvent yourself during turbulent times

Whether you want to achieve more success or reinvention is forced upon you, these tips may help thrust you forward.


1. Optimize your skills and passion for money-making

Recognize your skills and passion and turn it into a money making opportunity

It’s great to turn your passion into a money-making opportunity, but choosing the right business model is just as important.

What’s the point of having a stellar idea, but you’re wasting your time developing the product/service and not putting it out there or using the wrong channels?

Your passion can generate an income no matter what that may be, as long as you know how to reach the people who will be interested.

This will take some technical skills, which, let’s face it, not many of us have enough of these days.

Click the link below if you would like to learn from scratch how to develop your product/services, learn the technical skills you will need AND reach the right audience.





2. Learn how to fail with confidence



By far the biggest impediment to taking a leap of faith is fear of failure and facing the unknown. What people don’t understand is that you WILL fail, most entrepreneurs do in the beginning.

But with every failure comes a lesson, and with every lesson comes a victory. With every step the unknown becomes the familiar, and before you know it you’ve actually become good at what you were afraid of before!

Every failure is a lesson, learn how to fail with confidence

Failing with confidence means that you understand and accept the fact that you will fail and that every failure will bring you closer to your goal with a lot more knowledge than you had before.

That takes the pressure off the need for perfectionism, which makes way for the confidence of an entrepreneur.


3. Build a network of like-minded people


Your day job may be in construction or a nursery school teacher. But if you want to develop and market a healthy living recipe book, why would you engage with a network of nursery school teachers and construction workers on a business level?

People who are brave enough to step out of the norm and go their own way will always face adversity and negativity from others who are stuck in old fashioned learned beliefs of abundance.

It’s important to engage consistently with those who are on the same path as you. Not only will they support, and goodness knows you will need that, but they may help you and connect you with the right people or channels.

Building a strong network of like-minded people may be one of the most important factors on how to reinvent yourself. Make this your priority.


4. Stick with what you know


When you’re looking for opportunities for alternative income streams, it is important to stick with what you know and enjoy.

There’s no point in selling electronics because someone told you they’re making a lot of money from it if you have no interest in electronics!

I can guarantee you, you’ll be wasting your time.

So if you are passionate about caring for your pets, why not start a line a pet food, leashes, and a doggy daycare? Or sell pet products online for a brand you know and love.

You are most likely to succeed selling what you know and enjoy. Stick with that.


5. Don’t wait for opportunities, create them yourself


I remember the last time I went job hunting. The absolute frustration of being overqualified one minute and under qualified the next. The terror of going for interview after interview just to face yet another rejection.

It’s like a job on its own. Practically begging for a job that you know you’re good at and can make a lot of money at. And yet there you are waiting for someone to give it to you, when you absolutely can do it on your own.


Don't wait for a job, start your own business with the knowledge and skills you already have


It’s not easy stepping into the unknown. Heck if it was, everyone would be doing it. Yet only a small percentage of people are brave enough and understand what it takes to go it alone.

They also understand that the rewards far outweigh the battle, and that’s why the soldiers among us still go to business battle everyday, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before they reap the rewards.

Remember, you will try and fail several times. But every failure is a step up the ladder to success. If you’re exerting your energy looking for opportunities that just aren’t coming to fruition, perhaps it’s time that you create your own.




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