If you are here because you’re exhausted working for others and you crave financial self-reliance, the idea of living anywhere (literally anywhere) and still earning a reliable and consistent income excites you, then this could be exactly what you are looking for!

It’s become more evident these days that most of us are walking a tight rope of uncertainty. Not only do most of us rely solely on a third party to provide us with an income, but the careers that we’ve dedicated our lives to no longer ignites a flame of energy, but rather drains us of motivation.


Is this a realistic route?


You may seek realistic ways to generate an alternative income or start a business while still working your regular day job, but with the abundance of information out there, where do you begin and who can you trust? Is it even realistic to start something new while still working a day job, with very little knowledge, skills, focus, or finances?

If you’re really serious about making the change you’ve desired for so long, then let me tell you…..it is absolutely possible. It took me years of searching and working to overcome my fears before I jumped in head first and never looked back!





Starting an online business is not only for the tech savvy. It is absolutely realistic, doable, and can even create a potential long term consistent income that may prepare you financially for retirement. And how many of us are really prepared for retirement, lets face it!

This is particularly prevalent in today’s digital world. Preparing for retirement is one of the biggest concerns and honestly, the biggest problem for working adults.

No matter how much we prepare, the worry is always there for when the time comes when you’ll be at an unemployable age. It is understandable, as you will be left with limited options. And in the present day, you’re constantly walking on eggshells trying to please someone else who has your income in their hands.

But with this opportunity, you can say goodbye to worries and uncertainty, as there are endless income-generating opportunities online. And you can get started learning how to do this from scratch. Just click the link below and get started immediately!




My own journey from skeptic to believer


When I decided to start my online venture I was working a job that paid well but demanded shifts of up to 20 hours. I had to ask myself if the money was worth my sanity, as the exhaustion was seeping into my personal life. No matter how much I earned I still had no financial peace of mind and absolutely no freedom of time or location.

I was spending countless hours educating myself and using my own ideas to make someone else abundant. The more I thought about it, the more ludicrous it sounded, and yet I was doing nothing to make a change and go it alone.

So I turned to my favorite guru for inspiration, Robert Kiyosaki. I had to get my headspace in order to generate some motivation. I came across these 2 quotes that shook me back to life:


“It’s easier to stand on the sidelines, criticize, and say why you shouldn’t do something. The sidelines are crowded. Get in the game.”

Robert Kiyosaki


“Don’t be addicted to money. Work to learn. don’t work for money. Work for knowledge.”

Robert Kiyosaki


Immediately I knew that my desire to make an alternative income was not the answer, but the knowledge I would gain with the right education. This is what will give me the ideas that I needed to CONSISTENTLY generate an income and create the freedom I needed.


So where do you begin?


You don’t even need a product, since affiliate programs allow you to market someone else’s product and earn commissions for those sales. You don’t even have to worry about customer service! Your only job is to make the sale and that’s it. Done! So if you’re unsure of what product or service you’d like to sell, start with the affiliate route and take it from there.




Online businesses are the easiest to set up, with the least amount of finances to invest. Heck, you can even start for free just by writing blog posts and turning it into an affiliate marketing opportunity!

Whatever path you choose this should be a product or service that can be sold many times over per week and generate consistent incomes. For example, internet security companies such as Nord VPN have affiliate programs where you sell the product to a customer once, but still, get commissions for renewals. So you make one sale but get consistent commissions as long as the customer keeps renewing.

Online opportunities are endless. All you need is a reliable source of information and community that will help you through your journey.


Get started with affiliate marketing


This is the ultimate business model to work around your day job. The only thing you need to set up is a website. Register as an affiliate for a company that aligns with your values and beliefs, get your affiliate link and voila…..start selling!

The product shipping, customer service and all hiccups are dealt with for you by the affiliate company. Your only job is to drive the customer to buy the product. And before you know it, you’ll potentially be an income-generating machine.

The best part is, your business never sleeps and is highly automated. Whether you’re on holiday or resting your financially dependant head, your business will be generating an income for you. Say goodbye to those dreaded “end of holiday” blues. Your time is your own, it ends when you want it to with this business model.

Fantastic, isn’t it!


Sell with E-commerce


If you have your own physical product to sell, this is an excellent business model. You no longer need a brick and mortar store to sell products. Another option is ordering in bulk from suppliers such as Alibaba.com at a fraction of the cost and then set up your sales system.

Opportunities such as Amazon FBA will do the heavy lifting for you. They will process customer payments, deal with packaging, distributing and customer service, leaving you free to focus on marketing your products, making those sales happen.




Something to consider as you get into this


Whatever business model you choose and whatever product or service you’re selling whether it’s high end, low end, well known or brand new, the first 10 sales will be the hardest. If it was easy everyone would be doing it right!

But once you’ve gotten over that hump and your skills and experience develop you’ll start to see your first double figures in sales! How’s that for motivation! Throughout this journey you will gain the confidence to “rinse and repeat”, as things get easier and easier, and income grows more and more.

I know you’re thinking the ultimate question…….how long will this take me?

The answer is, that depends on you. How much time and resources you are willing to commit, and how much knowledge and skills you already have will determine whether you do this in 6 months or 2 years. Personally I’ve seen so much diversity that for some it took from 2 days to 5 years to make their first sale. However the aftermath was always the same, consistent income online (mostly automated)


How serious are you to gain your freedom?


If you are at your wits with wanting to make a change and not knowing where to begin, then these business models are the most effective way for you to quickly get started and turn your thoughts into action.

If you are looking for an authentic way to learn and grow your income while still working your day job, and without having to break the bank then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


Free training


Be sure to check out this free video series that has helped thousands of individuals just like you and me to start online businesses around their day jobs with little to no money and experience.

These businesses range from physical products, to e-books, to coaching to services. As I said before, the opportunities are endless. And don’t worry if you have no idea what you want to sell, neither did I! You just have to begin, the answers will come.

The training is totally free and exactly what I used to begin my journey.

It is completely free from the usual hype and false promises of making you millions overnight (I would steer clear of those ones if I were you), and gives you the story straight.

It is a legitimate authentic mentorship that will take you from zero to boss over as long a time as it takes you. Don’t worry, you will not be taken for a ride. Click below to make this your day 1!




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